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VRB Online Server Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
_four_bytesThese structures are used for represent ip address as bytes
_MSInterfaceInterface of ModelStorage functionality for plugin
_MSPluginThe struct, each plugin should fill
_nhvs_seq_listNHVS Sequece List
_nhvs_tree_nodeNHVS Tree node
_PluginArgArgument for implement function
_PluginFuncPlugin function structure
_simple_map_elAuxulary structure
_statementThe statement structure
NodeMain Node type definition
SimpleListThis is the simle array-like list Sorry for the barbarous implementation, but as long as this simple list is considered temporary
SimpleMapMain SimpleMap structure
TKeyDefine TKey and manipulations with it note: 'k' is a pointer to TKey
VPluginCommon structure for both Get-rules and Set-rules plugins
VrbProt3MsgMessage header
VrbProt3PoolPool of values
VrbProt3ValueMessage values

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